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Fields of St. Croix
Location: Lake Elmo, MN
Homes: 113 s.f. homes, 12 attached s.f. homes

Acreage: 241 acres

Year completed: 2004

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  • The Fields of St. Croix has won numerous awards for planning and environemental planning - including the coveted Best in American Living Gold Award. Visit our awards page for more info.
  • Pioneer Press article - March 27, 2006
  • Star Tribune article - April 8, 2006
  • Minnesota Land Trust and U of M brochure on The Fields of St. Croix.

The Fields of St. Croix is one of Minnesota’s first and finest examples of conservation development. It is also one of the more comprehensive conservation projects in the country, thanks to the diversity of important elements:

  • Ecological restoration in the open space
  • Historic preservation
  • Organic agriculture
  • Innovative stormwater and wastewater management
  • Architectural integrity

Drawing the Lines
Purchased in two phases in the late 1990’s, The Fields of St. Croix is one of Minnesota’s first large scale cluster housing communities. The entire land area purchased at the time was 241 acres, of which 40% of was used for housing.  The remaining 60% now remains in a permanent open space with a conservation easement placed over it.

Through the use of numerous conservation and design principles, The Fields became not only an environmentally friendly community but a very desirable place to live. An enormous amount of thought was put into the street layouts and home designs. Residents enjoy living next to restored prairies, a renovated Civil War era barn and the timeless architectural designs of the homes in which they reside.

With implementation of environmentally sensitive and conservation development design principles, the Fields of St. Croix has proven to be a benefit to its residents now and for future generations.

Wetland Water Treatment
The Fields of St. Croix was the first development in Minnesota to use a large-scale wetland water treatment system for septic and water run-off. Such a system uses a series of treatment marshes and native wetland plants to fully treat wastewater before returning it to the water table. Besides being efficient and smart, the treatment system makes The Fields of St. Croix self-sufficient for its water and septic needs.


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