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ULI—the Urban Land Institute Award of Excellence
Awarded to Summit Place, the three-block restoration and infill development in the historic District of St. Paul.  In 1992, the Urban Land Institute awarded Summit Place its Award of Excellence, the most prestigious national recognition in the development community. 

Official Statement of Award:
“With its blend of new construction and rehabilitation—and its sensitivity to landscaping and building scale—Summit Place proved the viability and potential of the historic neighborhood in which it is located.  The investment of faith, persistence, and time on the project’s developer launched a wave of restoration that serves now as a model of inner-city neighborhoods throughout the United States.”

Best Collaboration in Reuse of a Property
Awarded in 2005 by the Stillwater Heritage Preservation Commission to Robert Engstrom Companies for Territorial Place “for the finest project consistent with the spirit and intent of the historic district design guidelines.

Champion of Open Space
In 2005, the Embrace Open Space Partners named Robert Engstrom “Champion of Open Space”.

Official Statement of Award:
“The Embrace Open Space Campaign recognizes you as a Champion of Open Space, and thanks you for all you’ve done to help protect natural areas and green spaces in the Twin Cities region. Your work is an example of what a remarkable difference citizens can make in saving the treasured open spaces that sustain us."

Community Builder Profile
The Urban Land Institute’s “J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development Community Builder Profile” for Robert Engstrom, Urban Land, June 2004, pp. 98-99.

The Community Builders Profile Series represent a cross section of individuals from the public and private sectors who are geographically and ethnically diverse; who are involved in neighborhood redevelopment, place making, or new communities; and whose work showcases a distinctive community building tool, such as parks and open space, public libraries and community centers, universities and elementary schools, and sports and cultural amenities. Press Release (Web Page) (PDF)

ULI—the Urban Land Institute Robert M. O’Donnell Award
At the Urban Land Institute’s 1988 fall meeting, Bob Engstrom was awarded the first annual Robert M. O’Donnell Award “for extraordinary contributions to the enhancement of the land and quality of life through the generous and unselfish sharing of his knowledge, talent, experience and imagination through the Urban Land Institute’s Panel Advisory Service.”  The award was for weeklong volunteer panel service that included North Lawndale in Chicago (Chairman), West Dallas (Chairman), and South Central Los Angeles.

Best in American Living Gold National Award
Awarded to Robert Engstrom Companies in 1999 for The Fields of St. Croix as the top National Award for communities of fewer than 150 units.  Award sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and Professional Builder magazine.

Best in American Living Regional Award
Awarded to The Fields of St. Croix for “best in the Region” competition, which includes both home designs and communities.

The 5th Annual Environmental Initiative Award: Land Use and Community Development
Awarded to The Fields of St. Croix as a community that demonstrates a commitment to efficient and well-planned land use, accounting for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and community well being.  MEI—Minnesota Environmental Initiative, sponsors the Environmental Initiative Awards.


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